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Tooth Whitening Practice Offer

Enlighten your life at Castle Dental Care

Has lockdown taken its toll on your beauty or grooming regime? Maybe you are after a new look for the decade?

At our practice we pride ourselves on caring for your teeth and your smile.

You may be aware that teeth discolour with age, diet or brushing too hard.

We’re going to record the shade of your teeth now to have a baseline shade.

Our dentists and our Hygienist have had extra training in advanced whitening and our practice has recently been selected as an Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence.

We’ve tried lots of treatments before but found something we really love. The results are always natural and brilliant and feedback from our patients has been amazing.

Enlighten guarantees permanent results with no need to change diet or lifestyle, so you can even keep drinking coffee and red wine.

It’s completely enamel safe and the only occasional side effect is some transient tooth sensitivity, but this never outlasts the 2-week treatment. It even has health benefits reducing plaque adherence to your teeth and treating red and swollen gums (gingivitis) highly effectively.

We’ve teamed up with the manufacturer to bring you the best special offer.

The investment is £550 for majority of cases or £650 for more stubborn cases.  

To celebrate becoming an Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence the first 20 patients will receive a free Colgate Electric Toothbrush.

For more information or to book a consulatation please contact our team on 01217476539.

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