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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a quick, effective and safe procedure to give you a smile that you want to show the world.

With time our teeth can appear darker in colour, this is a combination of normal ‘wear and tear’ and dietary habits. Tea, coffee, red wine, curries, etc. all contribute to darker teeth.

Enlighten Tooth Whitening System

This is our gold standard tooth whitening system. Enlighten was the My Face My Body award winner for “best tooth whitening product” 2012. It is the ONLY tooth whitening system in the world to guarantee a VITA B1 shade — this is the whitest shade on the dentists shade guide.

The Key Features of the enlighten Whitening System are:
  • Guaranteed B1 shade
  • Results achieved in 2 weeks
  • Minimal pain and sensitivity
  • Whiten up to 16 shades whiter
  • Safe and easy to use

You will require a thorough dental examination in order to assess your suitability for the treatment. We need to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy prior to tooth whitening in order for you to get the best possible results. Any cavities or leaking fillings must be treated first.

Impressions are then taken of the upper and lower teeth and from these whitening trays are made which are tailored to your mouth. You will be shown how to apply the gel to the trays and will wear the trays for 14 days, usually overnight.

On day 15 you will have an appointment for in surgery whitening which lasts approximately 1 hour. At this visit a stronger gel I used to complete the whitening process.


In order to maintain the new shade of your teeth it is recommended that you whiten for one night every 2, 3 or 4 months, this will depend on your dietary habits.

Your Enlighten Whitening Kit will include:
  • Enlighten tooth serum. This is used prior to whitening to ensure your teeth are in the optimum state ready for your treatment and can also be used during your treatment as a replacement for your usual toothpaste.
  • Evoseal sensitivity gels — to ensure maximum comfort during treatment.
  • Custom made whitening trays, made from impressions of your teeth.
  • 2 week home whitening kit, to allow your teeth to be gently whitened and the surface stains and deeper stains on your teeth to be gradually lifted.
  • 1 hour surgery booster treatment.

The total cost of the treatment is £550. For severe cases where 4 weeks treatment is necessary the total cost will be £650.

What are the risks?

Tooth whitening is a highly effective, non damaging way to improve the appearance of your teeth. One of the commonest side effects is sensitivity during the process and for a short time afterwards. This is usually mild and wears off after 24-48 hours, but can be more severe in patients with already sensitive teeth or in patients with cracked, chipped or worn teeth. Your dentist will warn you of the likelihood of this at your initial consultation. Any sensitive dentine, for example, around the necks of the teeth can be sealed prior to whitening. The mouth and lips can become dry and lip balms will help to relieve this.

Do I need to change my diet?

For the best possible results we advise that you avoid heavily staining foods and drinks such as red wine, curries, tea and coffee both during the whitening treatment and for 2 weeks afterwards.