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Private Treatment

We offer a wide range of private options to enhance your treatment, at a competitive price.

A smile can literally open doors for you. How often is your attention drawn to models with beautifully straight white teeth on the front covers of magazines or in tv adverts?

Have you ever heard the expression: If you see someone without a smile, then give them one of yours?! That’s all very well if you are proud of your smile and have the confidence to show your teeth. But what if you aren’t?

We can create a whole new smile designed just for you, letting you smile with confidence. We pride ourselves in providing a high standard of care for all our patients and have a proven track record in the field of cosmetic dentistry.
We offer a wide range of affordable procedures from veneers to cover stained, cracked or crooked teeth to implants to fill gaps in lost teeth. Even some simple white fillings can make such an instant difference to the overall look of your smile so it doesn’t have to take long or be too expensive!

A beautiful smile can improve your overall confidence and self esteem and give you an added long lasting boost. Why not call us now and make an appointment to talk with one of our Dental Care Professionals. We can discuss your concerns, present a range of treatment options for you as well as showing you before and after photographs of how we could improve your appearance.

We offer sedation for nervous patients.