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New paperless check in

Posted On: June 12th 2020

In order to improve your experience when attending the practice for an appointment we have introduced a paperless check in procedure. This will make your visit to the dentist more efficient, it will reduce the time being spent at reception and you will be pleased to hear there will less queuing!

When you book an appointment with us you will receive a text message with your appointment date and time and also a link to your documents.  It is vitally important that these are completed prior to attending your appointment.  These forms can be completed on your mobile phone, tablet or computer and shouldn’t take more than 5-6 minutes.

What are these forms and why are they needed?

Medical History Form: it is extremely important to inform your dentist of ANY medical conditions that you have. A complete list of your medications is also required. This form needs to be updated every 6 months, or sooner if your health has changed.

FP17DC:  is a treatment plan that is given to the patient at the start of each course of NHS General Dental Services treatment by the practice.  It must be signed by the patient and a signed copy kept by the practice as proof of the patients consent.

Oral Health Questionnaire: This asks about areas of concern, how you feel about the appearance of your teeth, any further information you would like and any questions you would like to discuss with your dentist.

Contact Consent: if you would like to receive additional information from the practice we require your consent before we can send it to you.

Please ensure we have your correct mobile number. 

At Castle Dental Care we prioritise the safety of our team and our patients. By implementing the above changes we minimise the time spent at reception and in the waiting room.

We thank you very much  for your continued support and co-operation.

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