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Cold Sores.

Posted On: August 23rd 2019

Why we sometimes have to say ‘no’ to treating you.

Cold sores (or the herpes simplex virus) are common for many people in the UK. Like all viruses, they are contagious and pose a risk to others.

The herpes simplex virus is spread through contact, directly with saliva or through the aerosolization of it. This is where particles of saliva are made small enough to be carried through the air and contact objects surrounding it, which means, it would pose a high risk of contamination to our team whilst you are being treated.

Cold sores usually emerge as a small ulcer like patch on the lip line, they can come up in a matter of hours and usually take between seven days and four weeks to heal fully, depending on the severity. From the time they begin to emerge to the point at which they are fully healed, they pose a risk.

Dental treatment should be postponed if you have active lesions as aerosolization of the virus may occur during dental procedures, placing both yourself and the dental team at risk for possible infection or re-infection. Once the lesion is fully healed, treatment can be carried out.

If you do attend for your appointment, our team may unfortunately have to refuse you treatment due to the contamination risk. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

If you notice a cold sore, call our reception team and they can advise you on what the best option is.