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The British Dental Association’s Good Practice Scheme

The Good Practice Scheme was launched in 2001. We went on to become one of the first practices to gain recognition and consequently became Founder Members.

The Scheme was launched to enable dental practices across England and Wales comply with a national standard set by the British Dental Association. This involves us regularly auditing all our policies, systems and procedures so that we can identify any potential areas requiring improvement/updating and implement these as a team.

There are 10 Commitments that each member of our team signs up to:

  • We aim to provide dental care of a consistently good quality for all patients. We have management systems to help us and these define each practice member’s responsibilities when looking after you.
  • We will work with you to provide care that meets your needs and wishes. We will explain options, where appropriate, and costs so that you can make an informed choice. We will always explain what we are proposing to do and tell you about significant risks and benefits.
  • Practice working methods are reviewed regularly at staff meetings and we encourage staff to make suggestions for improving the way we care for our patients.
  • We look after your general health and safety while receiving dental care. We will ask you about your general health and about any medicines you may be taking. This helps us to treat you safely. We keep all information about you confidential.
  • Infection control and cleanliness is essential to the safety of our staff and patients. All staff working in clinical practice receive training on the current standards of infection control and these are rigorously enforced.
  • We screen all patients for mouth cancer at routine check ups and discuss tobacco and alcohol use because they increase your oral cancer risk.
  • All staff take part in continuing professional education to keep our skills and knowledge up to date.
  • All staff joining the practice receive training in practice procedures. There is an annual individual review of training needs for everyone in the practice.
  • We ask patients for their views on our services and have systems for dealing promptly with any patient complaints. We encourage feedback and learn from any mistakes that are made.
  • Every member of the team is aware of the need to work strictly under General Dental Council Guidelines.

To maintain our membership, we are assessed annually on key criteria submitted to the B.D.A. and every 3 years we go through the whole process of assessment again.  This certainly keeps us on our toes!