Castle Dental Care, Tangmere Square, Castle Vale, Birmingham, B35 6DL

If you are experiencing any
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Aims and Objectives

  • To put our patients interests first
  • To help you feel relaxed and comfortable
  • To be honest and trustworthy
  • To involve you in all stages of your treatment
  • To give you accurate information in a way that is easily understood
  • To explain all your treatment options clearly, backed up with written information wherever necessary.
  • To make the cost of your treatment transparent, we promise their will be no hidden charges and you will be given a written treatment plan detailing the total cost of your treatment.
  • To use the latest equipment, materials and techniques in order to give our patients the safest and the best quality treatment.
  • To run on time. However emergencies do crop up from time to time. We will keep you informed if your dentist is running behind schedule. Remember, if YOU were in pain and needed an emergency appointment we would see you.